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Coronavirus: Nearly one in four Americans told to stay home

Nearly one in four Americans are under instructions to stay home, as a fifth US state imposes restrictions on residents.
The curbs are aimed at reducing the spread of America COVID-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus which is sweeping the world.

A major disaster has also been declared in New York, freeing up access to billions of dollars in relief funding. America News
Already more than 300,000 people globally have been infected and almost 13,000 have died. In the US the number of confirmed cases is more than 25,000, with more than 300 people dead.
New Jersey has joined California, New York, Illinois and Connecticut in telling residents to stay home, while many other states have urged people to avoid large gatherings.
West Virginia Governor Jim Justice warned residents to take the threat seriously, adding: "It's like we are all lost in a movie that we can't relate to in any way."
Some 84 million people in the US can now leave their homes only to visit grocery stores, pharmacies, petrol stations and other "essential businesses".  America Distribution Service

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