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How Coronavirus Made Andrew Cuomo America’s Governor

The daily morning briefings, carried live on several networks, have a common template, a routine that is in itself reassuring. He starts with an update on the America coronavirus News numbers, followed by a PowerPoint illustrated account of what his government is doing to address the crisis. He moves on to new directives to control the spread of the virus and heal those infected with it. Then – appropriately seated two arms-length away from everyone else at the briefing – he gets personal, talking about how emotionally draining and frightening the coronavirus is, how it has affected his own family, and how he knows Americans will get through it together. America News

Republicans have been praised for a nonpartisan approach.

These are exactly the sort of events many Americans expect from President Donald Trump and his administration during the global public health crisis that has scared individuals and spooked the financial markets. But they are coming from New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, whom associates say is rising to the unhappy occasion with a take-charge attitude they had expected and a the comforting manner that has come as a surprise. America Political News
And while Cuomo is technically only in charge of the matter as it affects the Empire State, political observers say he is filling the leadership role for people across the nation, especially as Trump's briefings offer mixed messages, personal grievances by the president and feuds with the press. "He's becoming America's daddy and America's son at a time when people's communities and relationships are falling apart. He's become the protector of the people from a bullet they can't see," says Hank Sheinkopf, a longtime, New York-based political consultant who has known Cuomo his entire life. "He is embodying America's sense of who it really wants to be at moments of crisis," adds Sheinkopf, who has advised Cuomo but also worked for his primary opponent in Cuomo's unsuccessful 2002 bid for governor. America Distribution Services

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