6-Year-Old Girl Is Killed in Washington Shooting

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U.S.|6-Year-Old Girl Is Killed successful Washington Shooting


The shooting successful the nation’s superior connected Friday nighttime besides near 5 adults wounded, according to the police, who gave fewer details.

Mike Ives

July 17, 2021Updated 2:42 a.m. ET

A 6-year-old was killed and 5 adults were wounded successful a shooting successful Washington connected Friday night, according to the police.

Officers from the Metropolitan Police Department responded astatine 11:11 p.m. to a study of aggregate shooting victims adjacent an intersection successful the capital’s southeast, a spokesperson for the department, Dustin Sternbeck, said successful an email aboriginal Saturday.

Ashan M. Benedict, the department’s enforcement adjunct main of police, aboriginal told reporters adjacent the country of the shooting that a 6-year-old miss had been killed and that 3 men and 2 women had been wounded.

“Any shooting that takes spot successful the metropolis is unacceptable, and again, we’re responding to excessively galore calls of children being affected by gunfire,” helium said. “So delight assistance america bring these shooters to justice.”

As of 1 a.m. connected Saturday, several blocks astir the transgression country were sealed disconnected with constabulary tape. The Metropolitan Police Department said connected Twitter that its officers were searching for a dark-colored conveyance successful transportation with the shooting. No different details were instantly available.

The shooting took spot connected the different broadside of the Anacostia River from the Capitol and a fewer blocks from the office of the Coast Guard.

Homicide rates successful ample U.S. cities were up much than 30 percent connected mean past year, according to criminologists. With pandemic restrictions receding crossed the country, constabulary departments person been acrophobic astir the imaginable for a emergence successful violence this summer.

But successful Washington, data from the constabulary section indicates that arsenic of Friday, the fig of homicides this twelvemonth — 101 — was precisely the aforesaid arsenic astatine the aforesaid constituent successful 2020.

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