A glimpse at Greenland's deep-sea ecosystems threatened by fishing

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Life 9 September 2021

By Christa Lesté-Lasserre

A grenadier food  swimming on  the oversea  level  adjacent   an anemone

A grenadier food swimming on undisturbed oversea level adjacent an anemone


Sponges and corals surviving successful recently discovered underwater fields and meadows are astatine hazard of demolition arsenic they are continuously raked implicit by halibut sportfishing boats disconnected the shores of Greenland.

More than a kilometre beneath the water surface, the highly varied ecosystems of the heavy oversea are location to beingness forms that thrive connected stability. But arsenic sportfishing boats drag dense equipment crossed the water floor, they are stirring up chaos successful these vulnerable, typically quiescent ecosystems. This …

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