AFL clubs in COVID-19 exposure site chaos

4 months ago 33

Three AFL clubs successful Queensland person been thrown into chaos aft visiting COVID-19 vulnerability sites successful Victoria.

Essendon, North Melbourne and Sydney person astatine slightest 1 unit subordinate oregon subordinate isolating successful hard lockdown pursuing visits to tier 1 sites successful Victoria earlier they near the state.

It's understood the Bombers person 1 subordinate and 2 unit members, North Melbourne has 1 subordinate who wasn't successful the squad for Round 18, and Sydney has 4 unit members successful quarantine.

The players and unit request to isolate for 14 days.

The sites these radical visited lone became tier 1 sites aft they near the authorities for Queensland, erstwhile Victorian wellness officials updated their data.

None of the remaining 3 games astatine Metricon Stadium this play are successful information of being cancelled.

More to come.

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