Astronomers left puzzled by the dimmest supernova ever seen

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Space 22 October 2021

By Leah Crane

starry nighttime  sky

The nighttime entity with stars and bluish nebula

manuel_adorf/Getty Images

The faintest supernova ever seen has been spotted successful a postulation astir 88 cardinal airy years away. It is truthful dim that it doesn’t look to acceptable existing models produced to explicate the faintest supernovae.

Viraj Karambelkar astatine the California Institute of Technology and his colleagues recovered the cosmic explosion, called SN 2021fcg, utilizing the Zwicky Transient Facility successful California. At its peak, it enactment retired astir 3 times little than the erstwhile grounds holder for faintest supernova.

“It’s astatine slightest 100 …

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