Ben Affleck is grateful for second chances, including Jennifer Lopez

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(CNN)Ben Affleck is feeling grateful for the 2nd chances he's received successful life, some professionally and successful his emotion life.

Promoting his new movie "The Tender Bar," the histrion tells The Wall Street Journal that he's truly changed implicit the past 5 years.

"Only wrong the past 5 years, I truly felt progressively grateful for the difficulties that I've had. It's not insignificant, due to the fact that a batch of that symptom is rooted successful symptom caused to different people. And that turns retired to beryllium the astir achy happening successful life," helium tells the publication.

    As for a second chance with Jennifer Lopez, who helium is erstwhile again dating 17 years aft their breakup, helium astatine archetypal held backmost a spot successful the interrogation saying, "You tin constitute conjecture astir it, but 1 of the harder lessons that I person learned is that it's not omniscient to stock everything with the world. I cognize that I consciousness much comfy having those steadfast boundaries successful my beingness astir which, successful a affable and straightforward way, I archer you, I conscionable don't privation to beryllium talking astir my idiosyncratic narration successful the newspaper. I'm going to workout a small restraint."

      But helium does accidental he's blessed astir their romance rekindling.

      "I tin accidental that it's decidedly beauteous to me. And, you know, 1 of the things I truly worth crossed each facets of my beingness present is that it was handled successful a mode that reflected that," helium said. "My beingness present reflects not conscionable the idiosyncratic that I privation to be, but the idiosyncratic that I truly consciousness similar I am—which is not perfect, but idiosyncratic who tries precise hard and cares precise overmuch astir being honorable and authentic and accountable. It's hard to accidental who benefits more, without going into gossipy detail."

      He added: "I could conscionable accidental that I consciousness large astir being precise healthy. And it is simply a bully story. It's a large story. And, you know, possibly 1 time I'll archer it. I'll constitute it each out. [Pauses] And past I'll airy it connected fire. [Laughs]"

        He reminds himself that 2nd chances successful each forms are a gift, saying, "I americium precise fortunate successful my beingness successful that I person benefited from 2nd chances, and I americium alert that different radical don't adjacent get archetypal chances."

        "I've had 2nd chances successful my career. I've had 2nd chances arsenic a quality being. Life is difficult, and we are ever failing and hopefully learning from those failures," helium says. "The 1 happening you truly request to avail yourself of the opportunities provided from that maturation is the 2nd chance. I've decidedly tried to instrumentality vantage of that. I haven't ever been successful, but successful cases successful which I have, they've turned retired to beryllium the defining aspects of my life. But archer your woman to ideate the champion story, and I'm definite that's the existent version."

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