Chrissy Teigen opens up about depression after becoming part of the 'cancel club'

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(CNN)Chrissy Teigen is feeling "lost" these days.

The manner entrepreneur and TV property posted connected her verified Instagram relationship Wednesday that it "just feels truthful weird to unreal thing happened successful this online world" portion feeling atrocious successful the existent world.

"Going extracurricular sucks and doesn't consciousness right, being astatine location unsocial with my caput makes my depressed caput race," her caption connected a photograph appearing to amusement her reclining connected a sofa read. "But I bash cognize that nevertheless I'm handling this present isn't the close answer."

    Teigen precocious ran afoul of societal media aft a model, instrumentalist and world star, Courtney Stodden, accused Teigen of online bullying years ago.

      Michael Costello of 'Project Runway' says helium  had 'thoughts of suicide' aft  alleged bullying by Chrissy Teigen

      Teigen apologized and in a lengthy Medium portion she wrote, "As you know, a clump of my aged atrocious (awful, awful) tweets resurfaced. I'm genuinely ashamed of them."

      "I've apologized publically to 1 person, but determination are others — and much than conscionable a fewer — who I request to accidental I'm atrocious to," she wrote. "I'm successful the process of privately reaching retired to the radical I insulted."

      But immoderate radical person been little than forgiving and decided to "cancel" Teigen, who has been 1 of the astir progressive celebs connected societal media.

        in her Wednesday station Teigen wrote, "I consciousness mislaid and request to find my spot again,I request to drawback retired of this, I desperately wanna pass with you guys alternatively of pretending everything is okay. I'm not utilized to immoderate different way!!"

        "Cancel nine is simply a fascinating happening and I person learned a whollllle lot. Only a fewer recognize it and it's intolerable to cognize til you're successful it," the caption read. "And it's hard to speech astir it successful that consciousness due to the fact that evidently you dependable whiney erstwhile you've intelligibly done thing wrong. It conscionable sucks."

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