Gran Turismo 7's New Trailer Shows Off Customization And Photo Mode

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Amidst the Marvel takeover during today's Showcase event, Sony showed disconnected Polyphony Digital's realist racing game, giving fans a tease of what to expect with the newest installment. The GT bid has ever focused connected realistic racing and presenting a ample unchangeable of cars focusing connected adjacent the smallest minutia. 

In the newest trailer, we got a look astatine car customization features, GT 7's photograph mode, globe-spanning contention tracks, and upwind effects. 

Gran Turismo 7 initially looked acceptable arsenic a PS5 exclusive that could beryllium retired earlier the extremity of this year. However, successful June, Sony revealed that the rubric would not merchandise until 2022, acknowledgment to delays resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. Thankfully, Gran Turismo 7 is besides acceptable to merchandise connected PS4 and PS4 Pro.

It's been implicit 8 years since the merchandise of the past numbered Gran Turismo, truthful this could beryllium a large deal. In our review for GT 6, Matthew Kato said, "It's fitting that GT 6 appears astatine the extremity of the PS3's arc. This 15-year day is an unironic solemnisation of the yoke of its legacy, but it doesn't person to awesome the extremity of the franchise itself. Thankfully, glimmers of Gran Turismo's racing tone inactive live." So hopefully GT 7 has a spot much to offer. 

What bash you deliberation astir Gran Turismo 7? Are you into this benignant of heavy customization, oregon bash you similar the chaotic playfulness successful racing games similar Forza Horizon? 

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