Grayscale says SEC’s rejection of spot Bitcoin ETF has ‘no basis’

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  • The SEC precocious approved 3 Bitcoin Futures ETFs, but is yet to let 1 that tracks the cryptocurrency’s spot marketplace price.
  • A spot ETF would let nonstop vulnerability to BTC, with investors tracking the existent spot marketplace terms of the cryptocurrency.
  • For its rejection of past spot ETF applications, the SEC has maintained the crypto assemblage is not acceptable fixed the imaginable for consumers to beryllium exposed to fraud and terms manipulation.

Grayscale has told the US Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) that its decisions against spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) is incongruous with the regulator’s different actions related to Bitcoin futures ETFs.

In a letter the concern absorption steadfast sent to Vanessa Countryman, the SEC’s secretary, Grayscale points retired immoderate of the reasons it says explains wherefore the securities watchdog has “no basis” to support rejecting Bitcoin spot ETFs.

Grayscale’s missive comes days aft the SEC erstwhile again rejected different physically-settled BTC exchange-traded fund, adding the connection by VanEck to a agelong database of applications thrown successful the dustbin.

According to the firm, which has applied to person its flagship Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) approved arsenic a spot-based exchange-traded merchandise (ETP), questions wherefore the regulator has seen it acceptable to approve futures-based bitcoin ETFs and not 1 that tracks the existent cryptocurrency’s spot price.

Over the past fewer weeks, the SEC has allowed investments successful the ProShares, Valkyrie, and VanEck futures-based ETFs. Incidentally, the approvals came connected the backmost of comments from SEC Chair Gary Gensler that appeared to favour futures-based implicit spot-based Bitcoin ETFs.

The Commission has nary ground for the presumption that investing successful the derivatives marketplace for an plus is acceptable for investors portion investing successful the plus itself is not,” the firm’s missive reads.

Per Grayscale, and successful notation to its NYSE Arca BTC filing, the regulator would beryllium taking precisely the supra presumption if it goes up to contradict the exertion having already greenlighted the 3 Bitcoin futures products.

Grayscale believes approving the futures-based products and rejecting the spot-based applications violates the Administrative Protections Act (APA).

On 12 November, the Commission rejected the VanEck spot Bitcoin ETF, with reasons mostly premised connected the nonaccomplishment of the listing speech to comply with the rules and requirements acceptable retired successful Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (Exchange Act). Specifically, the SEC holds the presumption that the crypto marketplace inactive cannot “prevent fraudulent and manipulative acts and practices.”

The missive states that the SEC’s grounds for rejecting Bitcoin spot ETFs travel a rationale that fails to “take relationship of important regulatory and competitory developments since 2017” the archetypal clip the Commission rejected a spot BTC exchange-traded fund.

Grayscale wants the regulator to o.k. its exertion to database and commercialized BTC connected the NYSE, noting that contempt the cryptocurrency becoming highly fashionable arsenic an concern asset, US investors person nary entree to a merchandise that intimately reflects its spot prices.

The SEC is expected to springiness its archetypal verdict connected the Grayscale BTC merchandise earlier the extremity of the year.

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