How doco exposed Tigers' dressing room mess

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The Tigers' players person hung embattled manager Michael Maguire retired to adust and should instrumentality the blasted for his sacking if helium goes, says rugby league Immortal Andrew Johns.

Speaking connected Wide World of Sports' Freddy and The Eighth, Johns has enactment the blowtorch connected the club's under-achieving roster amid yet different crisis.

A decennary without finals shot signed disconnected with a 38-0 Round 25 thrashing astatine the hands of the Bulldogs kicked the Tigers' season reappraisal inter overdrive with fans hopeless for answers aft a decennary of woe.

Something has to springiness astatine Concord and determination lone seems to beryllium 2 viable options ahead; nonstop Maguire packing oregon undertake a implicit roster overhaul.

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Michael Maguire of the Tigers (Getty)

While Maguire has recovered himself successful the blistery seat, helium has besides received a groundswell of enactment from pundits crossed the crippled who person alternatively pointed the digit astatine the players.

After watching the Tales from Tiger Town documentary, controversially commissioned by the Wests Tigers this season, Johns agrees, and has challenged the nine to find immoderate inspirational characters to signifier the nucleus of a competitory outfit.

"I watched that documentary they've done and I spot Michael Maguire and his frustration, yelling astatine the players. That's not the occupation of a coach, that's the occupation of the elder players," Johns said.

"Whether it's 1 oregon 2 oregon 3 of your elder players demanding amended from their teammates and younger players, and saying to them 'get connected my back'. Whether I'm going retired and going to person a large antiaircraft crippled oregon if I'm a halfback I'm going to footwear you to victory. It's got to travel from the players. It can't travel from the manager due to the fact that the manager isn't retired there.

James Tamou of the Tigers (Getty)

"I conscionable deliberation they deficiency those beardown characters, those beardown personalities successful the cardinal positions.

"Look astatine Penrith. They've (the Tigers) got to commencement processing from within. They've got to get their juniors successful place, they've got to find their individuality wherever they play retired of. Whether it's south-west Sydney oregon an inner-city team. But astatine the infinitesimal I conscionable spot a nine with nary identity."

NSW Blues manager Brad Fittler was among the archetypal successful the crippled to travel to Maguire's defence, arguing the players hadn't done capable to repay the effort he'd poured into turning the nine around.

"It feels similar the players person had their last say. In the past crippled they beauteous overmuch conscionable laic down," Fittler said connected Freddy and The Eighth.

Tamou defends Maguire arsenic Tigers coach

"You consciousness like, it's precise hard to determination a full squad on. Which you'd similar to bash considering the back-end of their play but this is what happens astatine NRL level.

"You find it hard astatine the infinitesimal due to the fact that astatine the moment, the media are each circling, the unit is close on. Whoever is making the decisions are going to beryllium locked successful a committee country astatine the infinitesimal and there'd beryllium a batch of chatter going on."

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