In Abortion Case, John Roberts Searches for Middle Ground

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The main justice, known for his incremental attack to contentious issues, explored connected Wednesday whether the tribunal could uphold Mississippi’s instrumentality without wholly throwing retired Roe v. Wade.

Known for crafting constrictive  and incremental decisions, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. distinguished connected  Wednesday betwixt  an outright prohibition  connected  termination  and a prohibition  that was stricter than the existent   standard.
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Charlie Savage

Dec. 1, 2021Updated 7:50 p.m. ET

WASHINGTON — Much of the treatment of a Mississippi instrumentality that would prohibition abortions aft 15 weeks of gestation has suggested that the Supreme Court faces a binary choice: it could onslaught down the instrumentality and afloat reaffirm Roe v. Wade, arsenic the law’s challengers want, oregon it could gut the thought that the Constitution protects termination rights astatine all, arsenic Mississippi has urged.

But during the Supreme Court’s oral arguments connected Wednesday successful a suit challenging the law, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. appeared to beryllium exploring whether helium could find thing of a mediate crushed — 1 that would let the tribunal to uphold the Mississippi instrumentality without besides proclaiming that the Constitution offered nary extortion of immoderate close to an abortion.

Under Roe and a 1992 lawsuit that reaffirmed it, Planned Parenthood v. Casey, it is unconstitutional to prohibition abortions earlier “viability,” the constituent astatine which a fetus tin past extracurricular the womb, which is usually astir 24 weeks into pregnancy. On Wednesday, Chief Justice Roberts repeatedly returned to whether the cutoff could beryllium earlier.

“If you deliberation that the contented is 1 of choice, that women should person a prime to terminate their pregnancy, that supposes that determination is simply a constituent astatine which they’ve had the just choice, accidental to choice, and wherefore would 15 weeks beryllium an inappropriate line?” helium asked. “Because viability, it seems to me, doesn’t person thing to bash with choice. But, if it truly is an contented astir choice, wherefore is 15 weeks not capable time?”

How Chief Justice Roberts handles the lawsuit could person outsized importance. Compared to immoderate of the different 5 members of the court’s blimpish bloc, helium is broadly seen arsenic much apt to beryllium acrophobic astir the organization interaction connected the tribunal if it makes a wrenching and politically contentious alteration successful the law. He besides has the powerfulness to delegate himself to constitute the sentiment if helium votes with the majority.

Known for crafting constrictive and incremental decisions, Chief Justice Roberts distinguished connected Wednesday betwixt an outright prohibition connected termination and a prohibition connected the process that was stricter than the existent standard. At 1 point, helium remarked that helium thought moving the cutoff enactment to 15 weeks — 9 weeks earlier than wherever it is present — was “not a melodramatic departure from viability.”

He besides told the solicitor general, Elizabeth Prelogar, who was supporting the challengers to the law, that the arguments she had made regarding problems that would effect from overruling Roe “sounded to maine similar being based connected a full prohibition.” He said helium wondered however beardown those arguments “would beryllium if determination isn’t a full prohibition.”

Similarly, addressing arguments astir the interaction of termination rights connected women and their quality to person an adjacent spot successful society, Chief Justice Roberts asked Julie Rikelman of the Center for Reproductive Rights, a lawyer for the challengers, whether it would marque a immense quality to determination up the deadline to marque a determination from 24 to 15 weeks.

“Are you suggesting that the quality betwixt 15 weeks and viability are going to person the aforesaid benignant of impacts?” helium asked.

But some Ms. Prelogar and Ms. Rikelman urged the tribunal to support the enactment astatine fetal viability, which Ms. Rikelman said was “objectively verifiable and doesn’t necessitate the tribunal to resoluteness the philosophical issues astatine stake.”

Chief Justice Roberts besides questioned Mississippi’s solicitor general, Scott Stewart, astir whether the “viability” enactment was truly cardinal to Roe, arsenic the tribunal said it was successful the 1992 lawsuit reaffirming termination rights. The main justness noted that fetal viability had not been portion of the ineligible arguments successful Roe, and noted that the once-confidential papers of Roe’s author, Justice Harry A. Blackmun, suggested that putting the enactment astatine viability was arbitrary.


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A large contented is whether it is due for the Supreme Court to reopen the termination rights question nether the ineligible doctrine of look decisis — nether which it should hesitate to overturn precedents — adjacent if its existent members would person decided those cases successful a antithetic way. The main justice’s enactment of reasoning mightiness let him to assertion that eliminating the viability enactment did not truly magnitude to overturning Roe.

But Chief Justice Roberts did not connection a fleshed-out rationale for wherefore allowing states to prohibition termination astatine an earlier constituent successful gestation — but seemingly inactive not allowing them to prohibit the process wholly — would beryllium much principled than keeping it astatine the constituent of fetal viability. And the thought with which helium seemed to beryllium playing received pushback.

Understand the Supreme Court’s Momentous Term

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Mississippi termination law. The tribunal heard arguments in a situation to a Mississippi law that bars astir abortions aft 15 weeks. The lawsuit could pb to the extremity of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 determination that established a law close to abortion.

At 1 point, helium enactment guardant the proposition that astir countries that licence termination person an earlier cutoff line, and said the United States was similar North Korea and China successful utilizing fetal viability arsenic the standard. But Ms. Prelogar, the solicitor general, told him his knowing of different countries’ laws was incorrect.

In fact, she said, portion it is existent that galore Western countries that are akin to the United States person nominally earlier limits similar 12 oregon 18 weeks, successful world they besides let abortions up to viability due to the fact that those limits incorporate sweeping exceptions for “broad societal reasons, wellness reasons, socioeconomic reasons.”

The arguments besides focused connected whether upholding the Mississippi instrumentality without besides declaring determination is nary law close astatine each to an termination would beryllium a mediate ground, oregon alternatively would conscionable unfastened the doorway to a floodgate of stricter termination bans and lawsuits challenging them.

Ms. Rikelman warned Chief Justice Roberts that determination would beryllium nary principled stopping constituent if the tribunal upheld the Mississippi law, truthful states would “rush to prohibition termination astatine virtually immoderate constituent successful pregnancy.” Ms. Prelogar likewise predicted that if the Mississippi instrumentality was upheld, states would instantly enact bans astatine 10, 8 oregon six weeks to propulsion further.

But Chief Justice Roberts brushed speech that interest and a akin objection by saying, “I’d similar to absorption connected the 15-week ban,” and that “the happening that is astatine contented earlier america contiguous is 15 weeks.”

At different point, helium sought an mentation from Mr. Stewart astir wherefore Mississippi had shifted from focusing connected whether the viability cutoff was constitutionally required — arsenic it did successful its petition asking the Supreme Court to instrumentality up the lawsuit — to arguing much sweepingly for Roe and Casey to beryllium flatly overruled.

Mr. Stewart told him that the state’s ineligible squad shifted gears successful portion due to the fact that the much humble statement that viability was not the due modular had “lost successful each tribunal of appeals.”

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