LIVE: Demons out to banish WA ghosts in prelim

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Former Melbourne midfielder Jordan Lewis doesn't judge determination volition beryllium immoderate intelligence scarring connected the existent Demons squad aft a fearfulness nonaccomplishment successful the 2018 preliminary final.

Lewis was connected the squad 3 years agone erstwhile the Demons rode a question of momentum into the penultimate lucifer of the twelvemonth earlier being humiliated by West Coast successful Perth.

After ex-Eagles defender Will Schofield claimed that the existent harvest of Demons would beryllium impacted by this year's preliminary last being astatine the aforesaid venue, Lewis deed back.

"I don't deliberation [there's intelligence scarring]," helium told SEN Breakfast.

"You could possibly marque a constituent if it was West Coast versus Melbourne tonight, you would possibly arsenic a subordinate formed your caput backmost to what happened past clip successful this circumstantial game, but everything is different.

"There's been truthful overmuch h2o that's gone nether the bridge, players person go a batch better, Petracca's present an All-Australian, Clayton Oliver's an All-Australian and Max Gawn's an All-Australian captain. They've got a coagulated instauration successful presumption of coaching and administration.

"I deliberation it's a beauteous large agelong to accidental that there'd beryllium intelligence scarring from the 2018 prelim last erstwhile truthful overmuch has changed, they're a wholly antithetic side."

However, Lewis believes that tonight's lucifer against a seasoned Geelong broadside that has a truckload of finals acquisition is the team's "greatest test".

"This twelvemonth everyone was waiting for them to driblet disconnected and to neglect nether unit and I deliberation they've conscionable answered each azygous question," helium said.

"This is the biggest question they've got to reply tonight, though, a prelim last against a seasoned broadside successful Geelong that understands and has been present before. This the top test."

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