Marcus Lamb, a Christian Broadcaster and Vaccine Skeptic, Dies of Covid

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U.S.|Marcus Lamb, a Christian Broadcaster and Vaccine Skeptic, Dies of Covid

Mr. Lamb, who co-founded the Daystar Television Network, repeatedly suggested connected aerial that radical commune alternatively of getting vaccinated.

Marcus Lamb, the main  enforcement  of the Daystar Television Network, died connected  Tuesday.
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Dec. 1, 2021, 5:52 p.m. ET

Marcus Lamb, a Christian broadcaster successful Dallas who had been dismissive of Covid-19 vaccinations, died connected Tuesday aft contracting the coronavirus, his household said.

Mr. Lamb, 64, who often suggested connected his Christian tv web that radical commune alternatively of getting inoculated, had to beryllium rushed to the infirmary erstwhile his oxygen levels dropped “all of a sudden” aft helium contracted the virus, his wife, Joni Lamb, said connected the web connected Nov. 18.

Mr. Lamb’s woman and lad confirmed his decease connected Tuesday connected “Ministry Now,” the amusement the mates had hosted together.

“I’m astatine a nonaccomplishment for words today,” his son, Jonathan Lamb, said connected Twitter connected Tuesday. “My begetter was promoted to eden astatine 4am this morning.”

It was not instantly wide erstwhile Mr. Lamb had tested affirmative for the microorganism oregon wherever helium had died. Daystar Television Network, the web the Lambs founded successful 1997, did not respond to requests for remark connected Wednesday.

As the network’s main executive, Mr. Lamb hosted his ain broadcast arsenic good arsenic the amusement with his wife. His children regularly look connected the network, which says it reaches more than 108 cardinal households.

Daystar broadcasters, including the Lambs, person repeatedly questioned the efficacy of the vaccine. On May 10, the couple’s amusement included a conception successful which the Covid vaccine was falsely said to beryllium “killing your immune system.”

“We privation to pass you, we privation to assistance you, we privation to springiness you an alternative,” Mr. Lamb said.

Instead of getting vaccinated, “we tin pray, we tin get ivermectin and budesonide and hydroxychloroquine,” helium said, referring to respective drugs that person not been approved for Covid attraction by the Food and Drug Administration. Mr. Lamb besides denounced vaccination mandates for schoolchildren.

On the Nov. 18 show, Ms. Lamb said her hubby had contracted the microorganism aft she had. He had diabetes, which exacerbated his symptoms, she said.

Last month, Jonathan Lamb said on a show that his father’s Covid conflict was the effect of “a spiritual onslaught from the enemy.”

Mr. Lamb last appeared connected “Ministry Now” connected Nov. 3, and helium coughed respective times passim the hourlong broadcast.

Daystar has taken ineligible enactment against vaccination mandates. Last month, the web petitioned the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit to “set aside” the federal mandate that companies with 100 oregon much employees necessitate Covid vaccinations. The tribunal stayed the mandate.

Marcus Daron Lamb was calved connected Oct. 7, 1957, successful Cordele, Ga., according to an online biography from his network. He was a bishop successful the Church of God. In summation to his woman and son, his survivors see 2 daughters, Rachel Lamb Brown and Rebecca Lamb Weiss.

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