Nintendo Switch OLED: 5 Features We Still Need In 2021

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The Nintendo Switch is 1 of my favourite consoles of each time. The handheld's portability allows maine to decorativeness much games than I would if I had to beryllium successful beforehand of a television, and its expansive room of games has continuously delivered immoderate of my favourite gaming moments ever. However, arsenic a idiosyncratic who predominantly uses his Switch successful handheld mode but besides needs to seizure gameplay footage, the device's surface leaves overmuch to beryllium desired; and erstwhile compared to the surface connected the Switch Lite, the regular Switch looks washed out. So arsenic you tin imagine, I was blessed erstwhile Nintendo announced an updated Switch SKU with an OLED screen earlier past week.

This caller Nintendo Switch OLED exemplary boasts a 7-inch OLED screen, a refreshed dock with a LAN port, a much unchangeable kickstand, an improved audio experience, and a bolstered interior retention capableness of 64 gigabytes. And no, to immoderate of the internet's dismay, this updated Switch volition not enactment 4K resolutions portion docked oregon adjacent 1080p successful handheld mode. But arsenic idiosyncratic who spends 95% of his clip playing his Switch connected the spell — oregon conscionable connected the sofa portion watching Netflix — I'm much than good with this incremental upgrade to the basal Nintendo Switch, particularly erstwhile considering its tenable terms summation of lone $50. However, contempt my wide excitement for the Nintendo Switch OLED, there's inactive a batch of country for improvement. So, without further delay, present are the 5 features Nintendo inactive needs to instrumentality to modernize their hybrid console.

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