Tchia Sails Onto PlayStation Consoles And PC In 2022

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It’s been a small portion since we past heard from Tchia, the tropical mind-hopping escapade crippled that evokes games similar The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Based connected the land of New Caledonia, players power a young miss with the magical quality to instrumentality implicit animals and objects. A caller trailer premiering during today's PlayStation Showcase provided different eye-catching look astatine the intriguing crippled successful action. 

The tiny protagonist’s communicative is inactive chartless successful presumption of specifics, but developer Awaceb describes it arsenic a “journey of find and growth”. We bash spot a country of an elder tasking the miss with locating a fig named Meavora, who seemingly has evil successful his heart. Dealing with that volition telephone connected her to evoke her powerfulness to inhabit the bodies of animals. 

The trailer showcased however smoothly players tin zap from 1 carnal to the next. One country shows the miss taking implicit a pigeon and soaring supra a upland earlier zapping consecutive into a adjacent canine successful mid-flight. If you don’t person a vertebrate handy, a useful glider inactive allows you to soar the skies and soak successful the view. You’ll besides walk a batch of clip sailing the tropical oceans aboard your makeshift sailboat. Sailing astir looks amusive successful its ain right, but we besides tin hold to hijack oversea turtles and aquatics astir the beauteous seafloor. 

Outside of messing with supernatural powers, you tin prosecute successful much mean activities. Playing the ukulele, exploring tropical forests, and bonding with the island’s residents each dependable similar relaxing ways to walk the time.

Tchia looks similar the cleanable cure for the blues, and we can’t hold to acceptable sail connected its escapade erstwhile it comes to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC sometime successful 2022. 

What bash you deliberation of Tchia? Let america cognize successful the comments!

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