Ted Cruz Has Blood On His Hands After Attacking Biden For Trying To Stop Facebook Vaccine Lies

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) suggested that Republicans beryllium allowed to termination much Americans with vaccine misinformation and doing different is trampling connected escaped speech.


Ted Cruz claims that Biden is trampling "free speech" by trying to get Facebook to region vaccine misinformation that is sidesplitting people. pic.twitter.com/TevF7iehYj

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 18, 2021

Cruz said connected Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures:

Well, the Supreme Court has agelong recognized a enactment of cases that when authorities uses a private company arsenic a tool, arsenic an limb to implement a authorities policy, and successful this lawsuit when government explicitly asks a private monopoly to censor the followingspeechthat we disagree with, that that private company tin beryllium treated arsenic a state histrion and I’ve got to say, watching Jen Psaki this week, it is amazing. 

I benignant of wonderment if Jen Psaki is on the payroll of Donald Trump because her property conference strengthened president trump’s lawsuit against large tech. It makes wide that everything we thought astir the Biden administration, astir their willingness to trample onfreespeech, to trample connected the constitution, to usage government power to soundlessness you, everything we feared they mightiness do, they are doing and worse and I think president Trump’s suit got much, overmuch stronger this week. 

Ted Cruz Argued That Stopping Republicans From Killing Americans With Vaccine Misinformation Violates Free Speech

Cruz’s assertion that Facebook is simply a authorities histrion is simply a phantasy that volition beryllium crushed successful tribunal arsenic soon arsenic it is raised. The Biden medication has said perpetually that Facebook is simply a backstage company. 

The occupation is that Facebook is allowing misinformation connected its level that is sidesplitting people.

The posters of vaccine misinformation bash not person a First Amendment right, truthful to impeach Biden of violating escaped code rights is an absurd stretch.

Republicans are consenting to termination Americans with their lies due to the fact that they judge that they volition politically payment by keeping the pandemic beardown and the system weak.

By defending vaccine misinformation, Ted Cruz has the humor connected his hands of each American who believes these lies, contracts COVID, and dies.

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