The First God Of War Ragnarok Footage Closes An Impressive PlayStation Showcase

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None different than God of War Ragnorok could header a stunner of a showcase similar today’s watercourse from the Playstation brand. Both Kratos and his lad Atreus instrumentality for the sequel, arsenic good arsenic a fewer different faces from the erstwhile game. Well, 1 of them is lone a face.

Atreus is disquieted astir Fimbulwinter starring into the prophesized Ragnarok, but helium wants to research the satellite and larn much astir who helium and Loki are – those who person finished 2018's God of War volition cognize what he’s talking about. Kratos warns him astir his curiosity starring to a warfare with Asgard and the gods themselves, a concern he’s each excessively acquainted with.

Environments are snowy similar immoderate earlier areas successful the prequel. At 1 constituent Kratos and Atreus are shown dogsledding implicit a frozen lake, which looks similar it whitethorn beryllium the hub country Kratos had antecedently explored. Mimir, the decapitated question companion of the duo is erstwhile again attached to Kratos’ hip, and I’m precise blessed to spot him backmost successful the cast. 

A caller addition, though heavy hinted astatine successful God of War is the, um… God of War from the Norse Mythology, Tyr. We besides get a speedy changeable of Thor confronting Kratos and Atreus, asking if Kratos is simply a calm and tenable person, which is hilarious. There’s besides a glimpse astatine a caller quality astatine the extremity of the trailer, a younger pistillate who promises answers to immoderate of an offscreen character’s questions.

Kratos’ arsenal is shown disconnected successful immoderate in-game battles. His trusty blades of chaos return, and person a grappling hook mechanic portion traversing the world. Also connected manus successful conflict are the shield and the incredibly versatile Leviathan Axe from the anterior adventure.

God of War Ragnarok is acceptable to deed PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 sometime successful the future, but nary day was fixed with this caller trailer. In the meantime, if you person a PS5, spell play God of War 2018 with the next gen patch. It's worthy taking that travel up the upland again. I promise. 

How does Kratos and his increasing lad look to beryllium shaping up successful the caller trailer? Who are you excited to spot instrumentality and debut successful Ragnorok? And who bash you deliberation is voicing Thor? We’re not definite yet, but I cognize you person immoderate large thoughts to stock successful the comments.

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